5 Ways You Can Help

There are many ways that publishing companies can get involved with MagAid, all of which are co-ordinated through the PPA. If you would like further information then please get in touch.

1. Donate

Whether it’s a one-off donation or regular direct debit payments, we are grateful for all the vital MagAid donations. Please also consider adding MagAid to your list of approved chairities. For more details click here.

2. Fundraise

Do something to raise funds in the name of literacy and MagAid. If you’re short of ideas, we can suggest plenty of ways to raise money, from sponsored activities to more demanding physical challenges. Click here for more.

3. Get involved

Your time is valuable and by donating it to MagAid you can directly inspire children to read. If you would like to get involved in a Young Readers Programme please contact us.

4. Pledge your support

We are looking for MagAid champions! Register your interest and keep up-to-date on all MagAid activities by clicking here.

5. Spread the word

Raise the profile of MagAid and encourage valuable donations from your readers by including one of the MagAid adverts within your publications. The PDF files will be available for download shortly but click here to register your interest.


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