What is MagAid?

MagAid is a charity that has been set up to promote literacy and the vital role magazines play in improving literacy rates.

What does it do?

MagAid raises funds for the National Literacy Trust’s Young Readers Programme, which motivates children and young people from areas of disadvantage to improve their literacy by allowing them to choose relevant reading materials, including magazines.

Why literacy?

Literacy is a significant yet relatively hidden problem in the UK. The National Literacy Trust estimates that one in six people in the UK currently has a literacy level below that expected of an 11-year-old, and the country has recently slipped to joint 23rd in the international literacy rankings.

Why support us?

Without literacy, children do not have the communication skills they need to fulfil their potential. They do not gain the knowledge they need to succeed at school, limiting their life chances.

Why donate?

The National Literacy Trust’s work to address this situation depends on financial support from many sources – and we are committed to making MagAid an important part of that support. Whether you are an individual, business, or charitable trust, you can help us.

What happens to the funds?

Funds raised by MagAid will be channelled into the National Literacy Trust’s Young Readers Programme, which is designed to motivate disadvantaged children and young people to read for pleasure. The programme helps children and young people to acquire the skills they need to develop as a reader, from knowing how to choose reading materials that engage them to where they can find magazines or books once the project is over.

Young Readers Programme – National Literacy Trust from Peacock Productions on Vimeo.


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